Q. How do I credit photographers for their images?
A. Inline with their rights under copyright law, the photographer must at all times be credited when their images is reproduced. The credit line should read
Photographer's Name /imagequestmarine.com

Q: Does this site support all browsers?
A: Yes the site supports all major browsers, although due to continuing browser development, there may be rare occasions where some functionality may be affected for a brief time whilst we test and release changes. Should you encounter problems then please contact us.

Q: What do I do if my company type is not represented within the user guide or categorised as a business type upon registration?
A: If you are having difficulty completing the registration process please us by email providing a brief description of your company and your proposed use of our images.

Q: May I share my account log-in details with suppliers and colleagues?
A: No. The terms and conditions state that you are not permitted to pass on your log-in details to any third party. The lightbox function allows you to send or share lightboxes to suppliers and colleagues. Please note that if you wish to share a lightbox to allow the recipient to view and edit the lightbox which would include adding or removing imagery from that lightbox, they too would need to register their details to the site in order to have that level of access. You may however send a lightbox to a third party who is not registered to the site for viewing purposes only.

Q: Are images available in larger file sizes?
A: Images searched on the site are varied in size depending on when it was created. Most images available for download will print to A3. Please contact us to find out if a larger file can be supplied.

Q: May I pass on images I download to third parties?
A: No. The terms and conditions state that external users who are not member of staff are not permitted to pass images on to a third party without prior written permission. If you are a member of staff you are required to ask colleagues, suppliers or external contacts to register to the site direct. Remember that you can send and share lightboxes also.


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