The epic journeys of Green Sea Turtles revealed by 50 years of data

Every 2 - 3 years, adult Green Sea Turtles make an epic journey from their breeding grounds and nesting beaches where they lay their eggs to specialised foraging sites that they use for food and refuge. A new study using more than 50 years of satellite tracking data has found that Green Sea Turtles will skip areas they don't know when looking for a foraging site, even if they seem to be suitable locations. Scientists at Swansea University have revealed how the turtles view such places as risky relocation areas, since they don’t know how well they will work as foraging habitats in the long term. One of the turtles tracked by the team travelled 5000 kilometres to the exact spot off the coast of Kenya where it was tagged 12 years previously.

Green Sea Turtles are a favourite subject of our photographers here at Image Quest Marine. Visit our curated gallery to view some of our favourite images of these amazing animals.


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